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    足球投注单‘From the same café.’


    ‘Broughton could go. He has done it before.’
    Another point struck him. If he could find out the hour at which Felix had reached his hotel on the fatal evening, and his condition on arrival, it might confirm or disprove some of the statements they had heard. Therefore, having phoned to the S?reté and finding he was not required there, he turned his steps again to the Hotel Continental and asked for the manager.
    ‘“Where is it to go?” he asked.


    1.Felix, unable to speak, sat staring helplessly at the lawyer. His face had gone white, and an expression of horror dawned in his eyes. There was silence in the dull, cheerless cell, whose walls had heard so many tales of misery and suffering. Clifford, watching his client keenly, felt the doubts which had been partly lulled to rest, again rising. Was the man acting? If so, he was doing it extraordinarily well, but. . . . At last Felix moved.
    2.‘She staggered back as if from a blow and collapsed into her chair, and turned her now pallid face to me.
    3.‘Certainly. At least he told my colleague, Mr. Burnley, of the London police.’
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